Your journey to better health begins here.

Our 27,000 sq ft athletic and wellness center features top-of-the-line fitness equipment, group classes, personal training, nutrition guidance, and other exclusive services that support your lifestyle. From the all-inclusive gym to the internet cafe and the office space for health specialists, each facet of our facility shares a single mission: to accelerate your goals and support your lifestyle.


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Odyssey Athletic Center

Where goals
are accelerated.



Odyssey Perks Program

Our Odyssey Perks Program brings local businesses closer together and provides benefits to local residents. Members of our gym gain access to these exclusive discounts and deals. Check with the front desk to hear what the participating businesses are offering.

Wellness Services

We’ve expanded far beyond just being a gym. Our building’s become home to an incredible group of specialists that provide services that support your health and lifestyle.


Internet Cafe

After your workout, fuel up with a nourishing protein shake or some hot coffee. Choose a shake from our menu or create your own concoction. Sit back and relax with complimentary wi-fi.


Complimentary Childcare

Because parents deserve some time for themselves. You can stay focused on your workouts knowing that your kids are being watched by our friendly and playful caretakers!

Policy —

  • Minimum age of twelve weeks.

  • Children who are ill or observed to be are not permitted.

  • Food is not permitted because other children may have allergies or dietary restrictions.

  • Drinks are allowed.

  • Diaper changes by parents only.

  • Parents will be called for distraught or disruptive children.

  • Two hour time limit.

Hours —

Monday - Thursday
8:30AM - 11:30AM
4:30PM - 7:30PM

8:30AM - 11:30AM

Saturday - Sunday
8:30AM - 12:30PM




“I frequently have to be in this area for update training for work. I can't wait to get here for the soul purpose of going to this gym.

Spotlessly clean. Real steel plates. Tons of equipment. A few different training rooms. This is a lifters heaven. I almost debated on moving here for this reason. Great management.”

— Matt M

“I thoroughly enjoy this gym! FREE child care, excellent nutrition counseling, good parking space, friendly staff and most of all I like the customers!

No one goes out of their way to be rude or mean and most go out of their way to simply be polite and hold the door. Not to mention the price is VERY affordable and the teachers are super nice. Big thumbs up!!”

— Meredyth A